Friday, 28 November 2014

Perks of Being a Bookworm: Review Copies

It's been a while, quite a long, long while since I last did a feature post like this, and before it slips out of my grasp, I thought I ought to reach out, and actually start typing while I have ideas in my head.

This isn't specific to bookworms, but to book bloggers, because a lot of us do get books to review. So I wanted to talk about the positives and negatives that come with working alongside publishing houses to promote books.


+ ARCs (advanced reader copies), clues in the phrase, ADVANCED BOOKS
+ Getting to work in somewhat close contact with publishing houses
+ FREE BOOKS. Need I say more?
+ The other things that come along with reviewing books - Blog Tours, getting your name out there  - publishers can promote your review on twitter, gaining more blog attention


- Pressure - you can pressure yourself into reading things that you're genuinely not in the mood for.
- Deadlines - from what I have experienced I've never been set a deadline, but I've talked to other people who've said they've got emails from publishers if they haven't reviewed a book yet
- You may have to put books that you own and want to read to the side to read review copies.
- TBR's can go out of the window
- It doesn't feel great if you have to DNF a review copy - because you'll still have to review how little you read and send that review to the publishers.
- ARCs can sometimes be uncorrected proof copies and so while that is a brilliant thing to own, you don't read the final book.

I love getting review copies and working alongside publishers, but there are a lot of negatives that come with this - just a heads up if you're thinking about, contacting publishing houses.

Holly x

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