Thursday, 17 September 2015

Mini Reviews September 2015

In Another Life by Laura Jarratt
In Another Life
American sisters Hannah and Jenny Tooley have spent their lives dreaming of flying to the UK and visiting all the places their English mother has told them about. But Jenny’s dream turns to a nightmare when she vanishes without a trace. Hannah and her father arrive in England to a big police investigation. As Hannah gets to know some of Jenny’s friends and acquaintances, she realises that her sister is up to her neck in something – and the mysterious text messages she’s receiving bear this out. She is particularly drawn to Harry and, against her better judgement, begins to fall in love.

When I first received this in July, I was beyond excited. Last year I gave a glowing review to Skin Deep, also by Jarratt. Naturally, this didn't disappoint.

Having the premise of a family member going missing abroad was incredibly interesting. I've never read anything like that before. Laura Jarratt pushes the boundaries of contemporary YA fiction. She breaks down walls that need to be broken and issues bubble to the surface that are screaming to be discussed. It's not often in YA, or in fiction at all, that the topic of a missing person in a far away country is covered, and it was fantastically well done.

Jarratt never fails to leave me on the edge of my seat, hanging onto the narrators every word. The twists and turns were so unpredictable and truly shocking at times. Furthermore, Hannah's never wavering bond with her sister lost and so far away was heartwarming to read of. To read of someone so desperate to find their family shatters your heart into a million little pieces.

The Tattooed Heart by Michael Grant
The Tattooed Heart (Messenger of Fear, #2)
Mara has learned to punish the wicked as the Messenger’s apprentice. Those who act out of selfishness and greed, and others who become violent because of prejudice and hate, pay the ultimate price. But Mara is constantly reminded that Messengers are serving their own kind of punishment—for every person who is offered justice, they wear a tattoo that symbolizes the heart of the crime. As Mara delves deeper into her harsh reality, she will discover that in spite of all the terror she and Messenger inflict, caring in this world is the hardest part of all.

It's no lie that I both loved and hated Messenger of Fear with it's dark and disturbing horror scenes. The Tattoed Heart felt like reexperiencing all the emotions I'd had in Messenger of Fear...then doubled.

The world Mara is sucked into is one that is bursting with complexity and gore. One thing that I loved that continued through to this book was how many thoughts this novel provoked in my mind. The Messenger of Fear duology deals with topics that you wouldn't expect horror novels to cover; yet they do, and in such a poignant way.

All that being said, this was good but a little gruesome for my liking, these have however, been since passed onto my brother who will hopefully enjoy them more than I did.

Thank you so much to Electric Monkey for sending me both of these books, free of charge, and in exchange for an honest review.

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