Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Lost in a Library is 3!!!

So...Lost in a Library is 3 years old. That's kind of crazy.
If you've been here a while then you'll know that I did posts on my first and second blogoversaries too, usually consisting of thank you's, and me acting like this blog is my child. But I'm going to do things a bit differently this year. I'm going to be frank.

I've been a dreadful blogger this year. I've posted 38 times. That's it. All year.
I got into the swing of scheduling my posts in Oct/Nov/December of last year, and that hit a reef in April when my exams started. I just didn't have time to blog, and I still haven't gotten back into it. 

I've also had a lot less faith in what I'm doing. I don't feel like anyone reads this anymore. It might say that there's 61 bloglovin followers, and 40+ GFC followers, but it feels like none of you are there. It feels like nobody reads what I write. I see posts that I worked really hard on only receive 20 page views at most. And it hurts. Because it feels like I've missed the point in what I was trying to convey. Any blogger will know how proud you feel after working so hard on a blog post, the excitement when it goes live, but then, which not all of you will feel, the disappointment, when there are no comments, no responses, no sort of feedback on what you have written. I'm so grateful for every single follower, but I want to discuss with you and Fangirl with you and see what you feel about a book.

I don't know where I'm going wrong, or if I'm going wrong. But I want to know how to improve, how to make Lost in a Library better, how to feel listened too. Please comment, please retweet or favourite, or tweet me, please, just read this. 

In my fourth year, I want to improve, and I don't know how that is going to happen. I've started a lifestyle blog, but I'm struggling with managing The Highest Cloud and Lost in a Library. Honestly, I want to know what you as a reader want to see, because if you like to read it, and I like to write it, then maybe we'll be getting somewhere. 

Here, I'm going to insert a link to a Google Form, PLEASE fill it out. I should have done one of these a while ago, but I'm scared that I'll get one response, if any. PLEASE be honest. 

I need to thank everyone who has stuck by me. Anxiety hasn't been kind in the past year, and there are some bloggers who have been incredibly supportive at times where I didn't know where to turn anymore. I really want to thank you for your kindness, and everybody who retweets, comments, reads, follows and shares what I write. Now going into the fourth year of blogging, I only want to make things better and better, so please, bear with me whilst I take the journey in getting there. 

Holly xx

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