Friday, 20 November 2015

recent reads:: October '15

When a book is by your favourite author and is essentially a fanfiction of your favourite series, you can only have high expectations. And this was disappointing. I liked Simon and Baz's relationship, and I loved the secondary characters too (especially Penelope), but for a fantasy, it didn't feel original enough. I missed Rainbow Rowell's beautifully witty and wonderful prose that I had grown to love so much. I missed the romance that made my heart feel like it was overflowing with happiness. I missed Rainbow Rowell, as this didn't feel like it was one of her books. 3/5

Fairest has solidified by love and obsession with The Lunar Chronicles. Additionally, whilst Cress is my favourite, this was by far the best written. Marissa Meyer's stories just get better and better, with more shocks and twists and shippings of 3 year olds. (That sounds weird unless you've read these books, I know.) Everything about Fairest was stunning; from the descriptions of life on the moon or characterisation of Levana, Evret, Solstice, Channary and others. Meyer has the extraordinary capacity to make you feel somewhat sad and heartbroken for a person whose blood is like ice. Fairest has made me beyond excited for Winter's publication, and, if anything, has made me hate Levana even more. 5/5

As soon as I heard about The Next Together, I couldn't wait to start reading it. This is another one of those books that has the potential to be phenomenal but falls flat in the middle section. Reading The Next Together is like reading AU fanfictions for Kate and Matt: they're together in 1745, 1854, 2019, and 2039. A fascinating story, but I didn't care about what happened to these characters and it didn't hurt to watch them be torn apart time after time. Some elements of the time travel weren't properly explained and so for the last 100 pages I was so lost. If you live confusing historical/future/time travel plots then you might be interested, but it didn't quite work for me. 3/5

With a year long mourning period following on from The Jewel, I was incredibly excited to find out what happens to Violet next. So much world building was added into this story, giving realistic, and somewhat shocking reasons for as to why in the Lone City, the surrogates are used. Everybody has a past and a story, which is what so many YA dystopias haven't providedAmy Ewing gave me the answers I'd be waiting a year for and created a near perfect sequel. Her writing never fails to suck me in and is so addictive. I couldn't put this down. 4/5


  1. Fairest was AMAZING, wasn't it?! I wasn't really sure what to expect to be completely honest, but it blew me out of the water. I loved seeing the psychological aspect of Levana's character - it was fascinating and creepy at the same time. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous reviews! ♥

    1. It truly was wonderful! The level of complexity Levana had is unlike any I've ever seen in a YA antagonist before.
      Thank you so much! <3


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