Thursday, 10 December 2015

Letter to Winter

(The evident mess of Christmas wrapping can be seen in the bottom right corner.)
Letter to Winter 2014
Dear Winter,

Hello. Hey. Hi. You're back again. I really missed you.
Last time I wrote to you, I was a mess. Life was a mess. Honestly, it felt like a mess that couldn't be cleaned up. Staining, bleached, permanence. Then slowly, things changed. 2015 has treated me rather well, I'd say. With the arrival of December, this year is coming to a close, and although I'll be sad to see 2015 leave, I'm ready to move forward.

In a few weeks, it's my 17th birthday. I'm changing. The world's changing. And soon I'm going to be 18, and that freaks me out. But I'm happily comfortable with the pacing of time and the beat at which the clocks tick. Days, weeks, months; they all pass by at a speed I'm finally okay with, and that's a first. 17. 18. 19. 20. Here I come.

Ready or not, here I come. 

Holly x

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