Wednesday, 10 February 2016

REVIEW::: The Giver

The Giver (The Giver Quartet, #1)It is the future. There is no war, no hunger, no pain. No one in the community wants for anything. Everything needed is provided. And at 12 years old, each member of the community has their profession carefully chosen for them by the Committee of Elders. Jonas has never thoughtthere was anything wrong with his world. But from the moment he is selected as the Receiver of Memory, Jonas discovers that the community is not as perfect as it seems. Only with the help of the Giver can Jonas find what has been lost, and only through personal courage that Jonas has the strength to do what is right.

As I've said many times before, I despise dystopian fiction. It feels so repetitive and ridiculous at times that a while ago I decided that I didn't want to read anymore. This was a present from my mum, and it was something that I'd mentioned to her before I'd made this decision. So, in late December 2014, I read this 200 page book, and it was a pleasant surprise. Never, did I expect to like this book anywhere near as much as I did.

The Giver is so different to any dystopia or classic I've ever read, and that's something I really appreciated when reading this. It may have been a lot shorter than your average novel, and it may have been published over 2 decades ago, but it was like a breath of fresh air. Upon reading this I found it so fascinating how so many things had been taken away in this futuristic country. By far the most shocking thing was how everyone lived in monochrome, and would never be able to comprehend colour.

It broke my heart when Jonas asked his "parents" if they loved him, and it wasn't in their capacity to understand what he meant by this. Jonas' parents found love to be an ambiguous term, that it couldn't be regarded as an emotion or strong enough of a feeling.  Really, all the characters were so twisted and complex, as they can't understand any real form of emotion. They've never witnessed loneliness, or sadness - which meant my heart broke when we learnt of Rosemary. After reading this all I could think about was how awful it would be to just. feel. nothing.

My only problem was the writing somewhat dragged at times, but other than that, this was fantastic. Will definitely be reading the rest of the quartet!


  1. I soooo love this book. SO LOVE IT. It's like technically the fore-runner of dystopian, right?! And I think it like really captured the heart of the society and the world and what it'd be like to grow up thinking so narrowly. AJFDLSA I LOVE JONAS. The other books are sort of by different characters and it all ties in with the last book, but I still adore it. Book 3 is my favourite. :') SO MUCH FEELS THOUGH. FEEEEEEELS.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. I'll definitely take a look at book 3!
      Thanks for commenting!


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