Tuesday, 29 March 2016

18 Before 18

The clock is ticking, and it's less than a year until I turn 18. There are so many things I want to do before becoming an adult, so let's consider this a bucket-list that now in the printed word, will be set in stone. I have until December 24th...

1) Dye/Chalk my hair. 
I've always been a little dissatisfied with dark brown hair. Having brown eyes as well often makes me feel colourless. Even if it's just a dip dye or the ends of my hair, it needs to be done. [Completed in January]

2) Drink Coffee.
Preferably the least milky possible. 

3) Go to Scotland.
We are currently in the progress of planning to go to Edinburgh and Glasgow for a holiday in the summer. It's right there. Not exactly far. I can't believe I've not been already *sighs*

4) Write, or at least start writing a novel
It can be a short story even. But as an aspiring author, it's embarrassing to say I've never quite completed any of my novels. 

5) Go to Starbucks, order coffee, use a fake name. 
I've not been to Starbucks since I was 6. I want to go, order a coffee and call myself something like Luna, or Persephone. (the fake name part is optional, but I do love those names.) [Completed April 3rd]

6) Get the University ball rolling:
This includes applying to UCAS, writing my personal statement, and going to University open days. I also need to decide on a top five - because so far I only have a top one. Yes, I know I'm problematic, picky, and clearly indecisive. 

7) Travel somewhere out of my city alone. [Leeds - May and again in July]

8) Meet up with a blogging friend.  
I mean, I don't know how this is going to happen, or if it even will, because the friends I've made through blogging are scattered across the UK... the World. Additionally, the meet up some of us have planned isn't until September 2017. But I'd like to meet someone, at least one person, before I'm an adult. [Completed November - I met Amber FINALLY]

9) Make a Document Your Life video. 
When it comes to video making, I'm technologically incompetent. I have iMovie, and for the past year I've been playing around with it a little. Now I want to make a full length Document Your Life video for an undecided month, and I want to do it well.

10) Stay up all night. 
It's true, I'm nearly an adult and I've never done this. I probably should. [Completed same night as No.7, May]

11) Read 12 Classics inc - The Outsiders, The Catcher in the Rye, and at least one Jane Austen novel. 

12) Go to the Cinema alone
I've wanted to do this for years. Often the films I want to see are ones my family wouldn't and most of my friends don't live nearby. I could actually enjoy a film without someone munching in my ear.This will probably, definitely happen for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. [October]

13) Master Eyeliner. 
I can't do eyeliner. I want to be able to do eyeliner. [October]

14) Get another job
Currently I volunteer in a library, but at some point this year I'd like to change that and try something different, as it will add more variety to my UCAS application and CV.

15) Complete the Spanish course on Duolingo.
I never find the time, or when I do, i just don't feel like it - really want to remedy this. Currently I have reached around the 70% mark, so close yet so far. 

16) Actually learn to cook some meals.
I'm not great at cooking. Baking yes. Cooking not so much. I feel like it would be stupid going into adulthood without fixing this. [July]

17) Get back into playing the piano, and play pieces for fun
Since completing my GCSE in Music last year, I might have touched the keys of a piano once at most. It's awful because it is something I'm so passionate about and yet have been unable to bring myself to play.

18) Guest post and write articles for different websites
Recently, I wrote an article for the wonderful Weaving Pages on the concept of 'Elders and Betters'. Writing this has given me a new appreciation for guest posting, and I've felt so inspired start building up a portfolio of articles I've written. [Maybe in the hope of it helping my University applications]. By the time I turn 18, my aim is to have written for Zusterschap, The Olive Fox, and the Guardian Children's Books

What's on your 18 Before 18 list? For those of you who are already over 18, what advice do you have for young adults?

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