Thursday, 17 March 2016

Beautiful Bookstagrams

For a long time, I was unable to join Instagram due to not having a smartphone or apple device. Back in December 2014, I received an IPad Air for my birthday and in January 2015 my phone contract changed to an IPhone 5C. Suddenly I was immersed in this world of beautiful photography, filters and colours. The palette provided is intrancing, from Mayfair to Hudson, a photo that you were mildly pleased with can rapidly become something that you are actually really proud of - and that is what I love about Instagram. There is however, a beautiful little corner of this website/app under #Bookstagram. This enchanting hashtag has helped me find some amazing accounts that I'd love to share with you.
Saskia's photos never fail to be bursting with colour, and the filter she uses (I think it might be Aden), just adds even more beauty to the images. Not only does Saskia have an instagram, but if you speak Dutch, she has a fantastic book blog too. If you're wanting to read more behind the photo, then this instagram is for you. Follow Here.

I always love the warmth in Kelli's photos. Her above collection, from last Christmas, made me desperate to drink mulled wine and read by the Christmas tree. Kelli's Instagram isn't entirely YA fiction either, but branches out into adult novels. So if you're looking for recommendations, and thinking about expanding your reading tastes, this is the place to look. Follow here

The BookWizard is an account that I sadly only found recently, but am quickly falling in love with. The lighting is somewhat comforting, and contrasts the typical, sterile white backgrounds that I've come across countless times on Instagram. Gracie's account is filled with detailed captions and reviews with each photo. I love the amount of work that clearly goes into every single post. Follow Here.

Anna's bookish Instagram account is so refreshing compared to others I've seen. Her account is like stumbling across a fantasy wonderland, with fairy tale-esque images that are magical and wonderous. You'll love her use of nature and open space. Follow Here. 

What are your favourite bookstagrams?
Holly x

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  1. Ooh pretty pictures! I don't actually have a bookstagram account but I love looking at other people's photos... all of the ones you mentioned are so gorgeous! I love reading Anna's blog, but I didn't know about her instagram - it does look like a fairytale, doesn't it? XD
    Thank you for such a wonderful post, Holly! ♥


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