Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Changing Your Goodreads Goal:: It's Not a Bad Thing

December always brings thoughts of beginnings and ends. It was a month of deciding my Top Ten Reads of 2015, Resolutions for 2016, and also the Goodreads Challenge Goal. Before 2016, I'd only participated in the Goodreads Challenge twice. In 2014, I set it to 20 books [I was a very slow reader back then,] and reached 92 books in quite the turnaround. Then in 2015, I set it to 50, and managed 62 books. When it came to deciding on what my goal would be for 2016, I was certain of 40 books. 

But then came January 1st, and in a spur of the moment decision, I set it to more than that. It was only 5 more, but it was 5 more than I thought I could reach. I really don't know why I did this, but by week 3 of January, I was already noticing some problems in my goal.

Throughout January, I managed to read 3 books. Each book took me around a week to complete. Not because of being slow at reading, but because of doing things other than reading. This was a decrease on 2015's 5. Looking ahead into later 2016, I knew I had AS exams, which I'd be revising for from before Easter. I also start A2 in September and University Applications. Of course there's going to be a long summer ahead, but who says I'm going to spend all of that time in a novel. When looking at the goal I'd set myself, at the rate at which I was reading, I didn't think it seemed possible.

So I changed it. I changed it back to the original 40. Sure, that's not much of a decrease, but that was 5 books that I'd probably rush and not enjoy. I like reaching goals, I like overachieving. I like pushing past my goals and doing even more. I'd rather feel like that, and appreciate the books I'm reading than hate the books I open simply to add another number to a goal percentage. 

Changing your Goodreads goal is something that people seemed to be massively bothered by. And until this year, I was one of those people. Just because you are decreasing your goal, it doesn't mean your failing. It means you haven't failed at realizing your limits and are just setting a goal that's a little nearer to your grasp. That's not a bad thing.

Holly x

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