Thursday, 10 November 2016

4 Years of Lost in a Library

It's a weird thing to still be here doing this after 4 years. 
It's a weird thing to be where I am with blogging after the train wreck that was last year's blogoversary post. I'm going to keep this brief because I should probably save the major talk for the five-year mark in 2017, but I think it would be wrong to ignore another step towards a milestone.

Last year, celebrating the third blogoversary of this little website was more of a crisis than it was a celebration. It was a moment of panicking about what I was producing, and questioning whether anyone was actually reading what I posted here. When you spend so much of your time writing what you perceive to be interesting discussions it's hard when you believe nobody is listening. When you invest so much of yourself into this place that you've created to feel like you're achieving nothing from it, that's hard. It's hard to be at one with yourself when a conflict over something you're so proud of is internally raging on. 

I doubt I would have ever at the time decided to give up blogging. I don't give up, it isn't something that I do. Even now, when I have rough patches in my relationship with this blog, quitting is never an option for me. At the time last November, all I really wanted was advice on how I could improve, or be provided with some input on at least where I was going right - and I got all of that, and it really helped. 

In the past year, I feel like this blog has changed quite a bit. Whilst much of it is the same, I feel there's a lot more variety in what is published here. This may be a book blog, but it isn't just about book reviews; there's bookish discussion and there's also simply things that I like to write [aka, the truck load of Harry Potter posts that may have been apparating into your bloglovin' feeds over the past few months.] Now, a year on, this feels more like my site, my blog. Lost in a Library now seems more like my little corner of the internet - more so than it did before at least. For that, I have a few people to thank.

Thank you to my friends who amongst others, motivated me last year when I was struggling, and spur me on in my lower moments now. Thank you to the bloggers who did the same. Thank you to the people who continue to read Lost in a Library, even when I go M.I.A during exam seasons, and thank you to the new readers who I've connected with in the last 12 months, your support means a lot, and some of you have even become my friends. Thank you to the publishing houses who continue to endorse me reviewing their latest titles and providing me with opportunities to work with authors, opportunities which I would never have had without this blog. And finally, thank you to everyone who has put it with the fangirling, the extreme CAPSLOCK over Harry Potter, and the very critical book reviews I've published in the past year. Thanks for giving me opportunity to steer this blog into a gear that's more my speed and style and still sticking by Lost in a Library.

The next year is going to be a big one. Between finishing my A Levels and hopefully starting at university, Lost in a Library will be turning five a year from now. For me, that's huge, so don't think I'm going anywhere anytime soon. Unless Muggle-Hogwarts opens in the coming months, I guess you're just stuck with me for a little longer.

Holly x


  1. I am so relieved to know you're not quitting! I may have just discovered your blog today, but it breaks my heart every time I find out that a blogger has given up. Hooray for keeping this blog and sharing the book love!

    1. Haha, thank you! Welcome to Lost in a Library!


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