Thursday, 20 April 2017


Yep, it's me, going on another break. Don't worry I'll be back, just not before I've fended of the fierce dragons* that are my A Level exams. The past eight months have been consumed by angry merepeople, sleeping potions inhaled at the wrong times, and many a tear which I will not be pouring back out into my Pensieve. So I've packed my bag, polished my sword, and am [definitely not] ready to face the fires of destruction. However, I'm wielding my Gryffindor a little more than usual, and am hoping that coupled with my Ravenclaw sorting can pull me through what are going to be a traumatic final couple of months of A Levels. Hopefully, at the end of this, the tears, intense anxiety, and serious ennui, only making me work harder will be sending me on the way to my next desired adventure.  This is a temporary farewell, until the sun of mid-June comes around and I shall be somewhat free. Until then, Mischief Managed.

*No dragons were harmed in the making of this hiatus post. I actually adore dragons and would never willingly harm them... unless they were attacking my beloved fictional characters. Obvvviously. 

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  1. Good Luck Holly! .... not that you need it, eh Potter? ^_^
    ( thumbs up for all of your potterlicious references )


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